Holistic mental health care designed to support women through all phases of their lives

Supporting other women

Why Choose Moon?

Moon offers mental healthcare for women and their loved ones, encompassing a more holistic, and we believe, warmer approach to emotional health treatment. We created Moon with the purpose of providing specialized and comprehensive treatment for challenges specific to your different life stages. We offer inclusive and truly quality care with the ultimate goal of helping you overcome emotional hurdles that you face, in any phase of your life.

Our vision is to create a nurturing space that supports you through unique issues that we face as women – whether it be depression, anxiety, work-life balance, parenting, or managing mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum periods, we want to support you through each phase.  Ultimately our goal is to not only heal, but to help you to feel your emotional best and thrive in each of the ways that are important to you.

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