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How Do I Get Started?

Simply book an initial evaluation below to get started!  Please select location according to your state of residence.  You must be physically located in that state to receive services from Moon Mental Health.

If you are an active Moon patient, you can book follow up appointments below as well.

women health

Get in Touch

Contact Moon Mental Health for your non-clinical conversations by completing the form below.


Please note that Moon offers individual mental health and psychiatric care for those residing within the states of California, New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania only.

For those looking for individual mental health care, simply book an initial evaluation above.   

Because of the virtual nature of our work together, there may be some instances where psychiatric care and therapy offered through Moon may not offer the intensity of services that you need. If you need very intensive services, have active and serious drug or substance use, have complicated eating disorder conditions, or have active safety risks, we will refer you to appropriate services in your area.   If we mutually agree that we have the right fit to work together, we will proceed with development of an ongoing treatment plan for care.

Rest assured, we will provide you with alternative options for care if we cannot meet your needs.