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One in eight couples will face fertility challenges.  

Many face this challenge alone, as we hear so many say that they felt their struggles weren’t “bad enough” or “worth” getting support. 

Research shows that up to 20% of people drop out of their IVF treatments due to stress, even though their prognosis is good. Fertility-related stress is such a tremendous challenge requiring specialized, holistic, and thoughtful support. 

Our goal is to help support you through this time so that you and your loved ones can feel as emotionally well as you can — whether you are trying to conceive, going through IVF, pregnancy loss, miscarriage, or any other phase of your family building journey.

Your Fertility Journey: Using the EMPOWER method to maximize your emotional wellness

There are very few programs that specifically support a woman through one of the most challenging times in her life – her fertility journey.

We’re hoping to change that, which is why we created our ebook, a comprehensive guide that uses our EMPOWER method to help you maximize your emotional wellness during your fertility journey.

In this ebook, we incorporate evidence-based principles of cognitive behavioral techniques, stress reduction, mindfulness practices, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy based skills, and more, to help guide you through your journey.


We know that women often manage the multitude of stressors they face without looking for support, maybe because they don’t feel the support they need exists or they feel their struggles aren’t “big enough”. We hear so often that women feel so alone with their struggles.

Here’s the thing, you are not alone. Our goal is to create normalcy, raise awareness, and create a welcoming environment for you, for any and all challenges that you experience as you navigate your fertility journey.


If you’re preparing for your journey, or are in the thick of it already, this ebook will provide you with practical tools, skills, and resources to help you take care of your mental and emotional health so you can have the best outcome possible.

The adjustment to pregnancy and motherhood is immense.  


The changes our bodies and psyches go through matches this. From perpetually fluctuating hormones to shifts in identity, changes to sleep and relationships, this is a sensitive time for many.

Our goal is to normalize the feelings associated with this transition as much as possible. Many women will not find it necessary to seek therapy or medication to manage this transition but will find it helpful to have a comprehensive resource to refer to for strategies. Think of this manual as a beacon to help support you on your journey.

We are big believers in baby steps and experimenting with ideas to see what works best for you. Use this manual as a reference going forward and think of it as a menu of options when you are looking for guidance.

Perinatal Anxiety

This ebook is a program you can use to learn from, be validated by, and heal from your experiences with stress and anxiety during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Our guidebook will provide you with concrete, specific steps that you can take to manage stress and anxiety, empower yourself, and help guide you through this complex and emotional journey. 

Studies have shown that 15.8% of women experience clinically significant prenatal anxiety and somewhere between 8 to 20% experience postpartum anxiety.


These statistics don’t paint the whole picture clearly. In reality, most women feel some degree of anxiety at some point during pregnancy and/or postpartum. It’s so important to normalize this! Anxiety is a normative part of transitions and the perinatal transition is no exception. 

You may not be experiencing debilitating anxiety but chances are there is stress, worry, or anxiety that occurs from time to time. The first step is to, in a way, embrace the anxiety, recognize how common it is during this transition, and find ways to manage it.  If you’re preparing for your journey, or are in the thick of it already, this ebook will provide you with practical tools, skills, and resources to help you manage stress and anxiety as you navigate pregnancy and postpartum.