Our Specialty Areas

women health

Our Unique Approach

We provide tailored care by clinicians specializing in women’s mental health concerns. We believe people shouldn’t have to choose between traditional mental health services and alternative approaches.  We believe an integration between the two is crucial to finding balance and lasting healing. 

In addition to treating a wide range of mental health conditions, we also strive to fill a gap and focus on issues that may not typically be addressed in mental health treatment. These include fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, and parenting struggles. 

In our experience women often manage the multitude of stressors they face without looking for support, maybe because they don’t feel the support they need exists or they feel their struggles “aren’t big enough”. We hear so often that women feel so alone with their struggles.  

Our goal is to create normalcy, raise awareness, and create a welcoming environment for those seeking support for any and all challenges women experience.

Perinatal Anxiety

We specialize in treating anxiety related to becoming pregnant, anxiety during pregnancy and post-partum anxiety often related to becoming a mother and caring for a newborn.  Anxiety is a normative part of life transitions, pregnancy being no exception, and we wish to validate this experience in order to support women holistically through this phase of their lives.

Perinatal Mood Challenges

We specialize in treatment of mood disorders surrounding pregnancy. This includes treating women who struggle with depression and are planning to become pregnant, managing treatment during pregnancy, and monitoring for and treating post-partum depression. We specialize in managing medications during pregnancy and breast-feeding as well.

Fertility Challenges

One of the biggest stressor’s women face is infertility. Yet we’ve found there are very few options for support. Going through cycles of infertility treatments can feel extremely overwhelming and isolating. Women describe feeling like they are not in control of their own bodies, even though they are gearing up for one of the most important role changes in their life. We believe in activating a woman’s natural strengths and offering evidence-based resources to help. Our approach incorporates a variety of techniques including wellness strategies, stress reduction, positive psychology, mindfulness, and executive coaching, among others.

Pregnancy Loss

There’s no way to describe the pain and suffering experienced with loss and grief, and every person’s journey through the emotional challenges presented with loss is different.  Our goal is to provide you with the best support we can through this tragic life event.  We provide support for pregnancy loss (at any stage).

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and Premenstrual Symptoms (PMS)

Many women don’t know that there is a name to what they are experiencing each month in relation to their menstrual cycles – Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.  And yet, some studies show that up to 90% of women in their reproductive years can suffer from mild to severe symptoms.  Knowledge is power, and there are ways to feel empowered about your body and feel more in control.  Sometimes simple interventions like exercise, healthy food choices, vitamin supplements, and relaxation techniques can make all the difference in feeling better.  Some women may need more help with specifically tailored prescribed medications.  Whatever the case, we are specially trained to understand how your cycles are affecting your emotional health and help you feel your best.

Menopause Related Mood Changes

Many women experience mood changes during the menopause transition, many without a history of depression. This can be uncomfortable and can also leave women wondering where to turn for help as they may be unclear if this is something that should be addressed by their gynecologist or elsewhere. We work to create a holistic plan to help manage symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes and sleep challenges as well as mood symptoms that can often be associated. If needed we are happy to collaborate with your gynecologist to integrate our treatments.

Juggling It All

Never has it been more apparent than during this pandemic how much women are managing. It seems every week there is a new article speaking to the challenges women are facing and the sacrifices they are making. These challenges include parenting, managing a household, working, caring for elderly parents, among many others. Additionally women often put tremendous pressure on themselves to do things perfectly and when things fall short their self esteem can often be affected. We are here to support those who identify with feeling like they are just managing to keep their head above water, simply surviving one day to the next. Moon aims to create normalcy around these struggles while also supporting women to feel their best in the face of these struggles.

In addition to the above we also have expertise in treating:

  • Anxiety disorders including: generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and phobias
  • Mood disorders including: bipolar disorder, major depressive disorders, seasonal affective disorder, and dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder)
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Work life balance challenges
  • Self esteem difficulties
  • Imposter syndrome

This is the start of a journey to take you to your best emotional health, starting with where you are today.

Contact Moon Mental Health today to take the first step.